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Re: WiSP32

I am testing the "shareware" version of WiSP32 on Win98 and have had no
problems with the KCT (no tuner).  There shouldn't be a driver routine for
the KCT as far as I know.  I have used The Station Program and NOVA also
with my KCT and neither of them asked for a driver.

With any of the above programs, DO NOT use the drivers that came with the
KCT board.  All of them have their own way of talking to the KCT.  I can use
NOVA and WiSP during the same operational session of Win98 just not at the
same time; however, if I use The Station Program, I MUST restart my computer
before I use either of the previously mentioned programs.

For WiSP, the following is what I did:

    1.  Select, from the menu, Setup -> Station Setup

    2.  From Station Setup, hit the "Rotator" tab.

    3.  For the KCT, you must select Level1 for the Type field

    4.  In the same box, if you are using the G-5400B, select South as the
Stop Position and "Enable Flip Mode" (If you desire).

    5.  Now, hit the Setup button in this dialog box you are currently in.

    6.  Enter the I/O port address (default is 3E0), and since you are using
the tuner card, I suppose you will select the type radio         you have
and where it resides on you computer.

    7.  Now, hit "Calibrate Rotor" and follow the instructions.

    8.  When you are done with this, keep hitting "OK" until you are back at
the main startup screen.

As with any interface setup in Win95/98, shutdown and restart you computer
to make sure the changes take.

Good Luck,

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> Hi all,
> Thanks for reading this post.
> I have a friend who is wrestling with getting WiSP32 up and running. I'm
> still plodding along with a 486 and WiSP16 so I'm not a lot of help to
> Main stumbling block seems to be the Kansas City Tracker/Tuner driver. The
> auto-detect feature in his computer won't recognise that the KCT/T card is
> there so it doesn't bring on the driver installation routine. Going
> the 'non-plug-n-play' route doesn't do anything either, so we're stumped.
> Probably missing something quite simple. Can some-one help please?
> I'll be going through this exercise soon myself so I'm very interested in
> solving it for my friend (Bob, vk3bu).
> Thanks in anticipation,
> My best regards to all,
> Bill...vk3jt
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