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Re: 6m - why?

On Fri, 6 Aug 1999, Peter A. Klein wrote:

> Why the interest?  Probably because a significant number of newer HF
> transceivers include 6 meters.  Plus, all U.S. license classes except
> Novice can use 6m, so Techs, Tech Plusses and Generals would not excluded
> (as they are from the 15m uplink of RS-12/13).  Combine readily available
> equipment than some already own, a big, uncrowded band, and no license
> class issues, and you've got a very attractive proposition for North
> Americans.  As Laura and others have pointed out, though, the situation in
> the rest of the world bursts the bubble.

Don't know if you're active on 6M, but when the band opens up, it can
sound a whole lot like 20M. During the recent Field Day operation,
you would not have believed the pile-ups that developed, and stations
where operating well up from the "calling frequency", so while I
can't speak for the upper end of the band, the SSB section is only
"uncrowded" when the band isn't open.


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