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Re: Oscar 10 help ?

Hi Joel and all,

I don't know if AO-10 tumbles or not, or if it is the "spin" that causes
the QSB, but
it's not so bad you can't use the thing.

I use an 8 element (vertical) beam with 100 watts on the uplink, and 15
(vertical) beam with Landwehr preamp on the downlink with an FT-726R.
When the
bird is at low elevations I can use my 24 element beam (horizontal, with
elevation control) which improves my uplink signal.  This is usually when
the bird 
is way out there in the distance and close to the horizon.

It's been good enough to make hundreds of contacts, but my uplink signal
is not
all that great most of the time.  I have, however made many QSO's when
bird is over 30,000 KM away.   Maybe we will QSO sometime, Darren. I've
quite a few G stations on AO-10.

Joel, you'll like the preamp on 70 CM, you won't be sorry if you get one.
 They bring
the signals WAY up, I'm not kidding.  Many passes of AO-27 are right at
the top of
the S-meter on the 726 with the preamp on.

John, K6YK
CM-97 Stockton, CA

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