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Re: AO-27 early experience

"Peter A. Klein" wrote:

> Maggie:  The audio off the "2010" is not strong enough to drive a speaker.
> You need an amplified speaker, kind of like the ones used for computers or
> "Walkman" portable stereos.  I got a mono speaker on Radio Shack closeout
> for $8.00.

Ah...or headphones. Silly girl.


Good idea. 

> You can listen to
> the BBC some evenings and pretend you've got one of those old
> walnut-cabinet Grundig tube SW receivers from the 60's.  Warm, tube-quality
> AM.

Funny thing you should mention that...the 2010 was a new-tech replacement for
the evenings I've spent with a *old* Zenith Trans-Oceanic "portable" doing
exactly that.

> Some of us who work with computers find warm fuzzy analog circuits help
> round out the psyche...  :-)   Enjoy!

Yes...my psyche feels rounder and fuzzier already. :-)

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