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Re: AO-27 early experience

At 09:53 AM 08/03/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>I've tried the "Y-plug" approach for running a
>monitor speaker off my Sony ICF-2010 along with my BayPac modem and even with
>the volume wide open it sounds very weak.

Maggie:  The audio off the "2010" is not strong enough to drive a speaker.
You need an amplified speaker, kind of like the ones used for computers or
"Walkman" portable stereos.  I got a mono speaker on Radio Shack closeout
for $8.00.

>I suppose I could simply get a proper HF tranciever in anticipation of a
>ticket, but the ICF-2010 is an old friend and nicely portable...in
addition to
>having scanning, memories and air band receive.    

I have kept mine even though I have an old "backup" HF transceiver with
general coverage.  Many ham rigs have very high noise levels and low
fidelity.  The Sony 2010's speaker is a bit tinny, but an amplified speaker
or good headphones fixes that nicely.  Some people have gone so far as to
pipe the audio into a stereo with a graphic equalizer.  You can listen to
the BBC some evenings and pretend you've got one of those old
walnut-cabinet Grundig tube SW receivers from the 60's.  Warm, tube-quality

>Watch in horror as the girl from digital/software land is dragged kicking and
>screaming back into AC circuits and audio! :-)

Some of us who work with computers find warm fuzzy analog circuits help
round out the psyche...  :-)   Enjoy!

73 from KD7MW

--- Peter
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