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IC-271E deviation adjustment

Hi all

Does anyone know how to set/check the deviation on the Icom 271E Tx/Rx?

I have implemented the 9600 baud mods that were sent to me following a recent query on this board, (thanks again to all who responded!) and am now having trouble with 2m transmit.

If I install the loopback jumper on my G3RUH modem and with FULLDUP=ON, I can connect to myself OK.  When I transmit on 2m and receive my third harmonic on 70cm, I get a strong carrier, and can hear the right (sounding?) burst of noise, but the DCD light only flickers, and the connect fails.  When I receive the 9600baud sats, the DCD light stays on continuously, and I can monitor data from the sat.  From this I guess Rx is OK, but Tx isn't right, and I assume it's deviation since most of the mods say that this should be checked afterwards.

I have no technical data on my IC271/471 pair, no circuit diagram, only the operators manual.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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