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Re: AO-27 early experience

Garie Halstead wrote:
> Gerry makes a good point Maggie.  As you've no doubt already
> experienced, the callsigns, names, grids, etc. start flying fast and
> furious at AOS.  Running a small recorder and sorting out details later
> is the only way to fly.

Yes...it reminds me of my early pilot training. At the suggestion of a magazine
article, I started taking a small recorder along when taking dual instruction;
it's surprising how much you can miss when things get busy. 

I'd *much* rather record the audio directly to a digital format (easier to tie
into logging, email with QSLs) so I need to repair the laptop I have that has
audio inputs. I've been meaning to get that puppy working again to use with my
CW/RTTY/packet modem anyhow. I need to pick up on the rules-of-thumb for
matching audio impedances; I've tried the "Y-plug" approach for running a
monitor speaker off my Sony ICF-2010 along with my BayPac modem and even with
the volume wide open it sounds very weak.

I suppose I could simply get a proper HF tranciever in anticipation of a General
ticket, but the ICF-2010 is an old friend and nicely portable...in addition to
having scanning, memories and air band receive.    

Watch in horror as the girl from digital/software land is dragged kicking and
screaming back into AC circuits and audio! :-)

73s -=Maggie=- 
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