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Re: HTX-100 working the satellites


>   I used the HTX-100 and the Hamtronics 435 - 10 receive downconverter for
>  the digital satellites AO-16 and LO-19 and also FO-20 and FO-29. It
>  worked great for me for several years. Its also a great low cost way to
>  take advantage of the 435 MHz downlink satellites.

Ditto here.  My first mode J downlink system.  I found the Hamtronics 
downconverter very sensitive and did not have a preamp.  I mounted it in my 
attic about 10' from the antenna.  It is not very selective, though, and is 
subject to overload.  I later put a preamp where the downconverter was 
located when I got a 70 cm rig in the shack.  That old Hamtronics is still on 
the air.  If you hear XE2YVW on FO-20, it's still going strong.

Jerry, K5OE
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