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Australian microsatellite?

Hi all,

Whilst at the AMSAT-UK SpaceComm '99 colloquium, I heard a rumour that
Australia was putting its own microsatellite up, and soon!

After digging around, I've found that it is a joint venture between Korea
(trained by University of Surrey) and Australia.  The satellite will be
called FedSat, and will carry UHF, S-Band and Ku-band transmitters...  it
seems that there will be no amateur payload :-(

Some interesting URLs include:

...a newsletter on the Australian Space Industry (as it is)

... contains some pictures of the satellite, including an artists
impression of it over Australia (pretend you can't see the gravity boom
pointing the wrong way).  Also appears that the Ku-band antenna will be
mounted at the end of the gravity boom?

One of the articles describes the satellite as being based on an AMSAT
design, but I think they meant UoSAT.

There are many web pages to get lost in...  happy browsing!

Chris vk6kch

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