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Re: AO-27 early experience: [was: Let's get on the air!]

In a message dated 8/2/1999 2:57:37 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
maggie@voicenet.com writes:

<< I can see how
 helpful it will be to work out a way to record downlink audio.  >>

It's simple.  Purchase a small speaker and set a small microcassette recorder 
next to it.  I use a VX-5 with a hand held mike.  Plug a cheap MFJ speaker 
into it and you're good to go.

I've recorder a couple of sessions on the microcassette and then sort out who 
responded later.  It is quite handy when you don't quite get the other 
person's callsign.  Especially if you're new to all of this like me.  With 
any luck, you can either make it out on the recording or you'll decipher it 
from another call that person made.

I've even recorded some of the calls into a .wav file and forwarded it to the 
other person via e-mail.  They aren't perfect but it does work nicely!

Gerry Elam, K1LRO
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