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FT-736R quick fix

Over a couple of years now, I have read with interest the problems people 
have had with the Yaesu 736R power supplies and their fixes.

Recently when my 2 meter audio appeared throughout the 70 cm band, I 
suspected the power supply. A friend substituted an external  P/S for the 
internal one and the problem went away. Yaesu doesn't repair the power supply 
but will sell you a new one for $200. Excuse me! 

Hooked the unit to my Astron SS-30M  being used for my FT570D HF rig and it 
works just fine. In fact I can run both simultaneously and each does not 
interfere with the other.

Presto - no more 736R power supply concerns. (I bet Astron and others fix the 
Astron P/S's)


73's     sid sneidar   ah6hh@arrl.net
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