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Re: Let's get on the air!

Don't let the whiners influence or depress you!  Try it for yourself, see
what YOU
think about it.

Most of the people who are real "regulars" on AO-27 do not "hog" the
thing, they
make real short contacts and there's plenty of room for others. The
typical QSO
probably averages a few seconds on AO-27.  (Unless the bird is totally
devoid of
stations, then you may hear a few minute contact between stations)

There are some VERY loud Spanish speaking stations on the bird who are
hams, don't care or know about satellites, they just talk on 145.850
Sometimes you have to increase power to be able to get "over" their QRM.
Also there are sometimes "dead" carriers on there that you also have to
be able
to cover up if you want to be heard.

I hear some poor operating on the bird from time to time, but it's not
always the 
"regulars" who are doing it.  There are other factors to consider,
people will call for a QSO then the downlink fades out on them and they
hear anybody come back, etc.  That happens on ALL satellites, in fact I
think of any band or mode where I've heard someone calling CQ, I answered
and they couldn't hear me and kept on CQ'ing or came back to somebody
else that
I couldn't hear.  That's just the way radio is sometimes. 

Try it, you'll like it!

John, K6YK

On Mon, 02 Aug 1999 11:32:56 -0400 Bob Brandel <rbrandel@l-w-s.com>
>You know this is really depressing...  I've been following this thread 
>have listened to AO-27 a few times, In fact was so excited about 
>hearing it 
>that I can't hardly wait to get the FT847 I've been lusting after....  
>can tell from my call that I'm relatively new to Amatuer radio but not 
>radio and satellite work... 18 plus years of experience to include 
>military satellite usage as a Radio Officer.  My wife was with me when 
>first heard the Bird and now is going after her license but she 
>has not been following this thread....  ( Oh I want to thank an elmer 
>(sorry I don't have his call here at my finger tips) for guiding me 
>using the Arrow to hear AO-27).
>I guess what this says about hams is that if resource is available and 
>have the power you have the "ownership"  If the regulars who are 
>AO-27 with that much power would acknowledge the true spirit of Ham 
>and become elmers, or work challenge themselves to work the "harder" 
>(They obviously have the money, antennas, time, and radios/amps) and 
>how they are being looked at by "newcomers"  maybe our roles would 
>rather than get discouraged.
>I think many of us "newcomers would like to just get a short 
>acknowledgement, and think how much encouragement the big guns could 
>be by 
>just saying hello to as many of the calls as they can- instead of 
>monopolizing the bird. Many of us would be encouraged instead of 
>discouraged, we would tell our friends about how much fun ham radio is 
>we would grow as a group...  We get alot more with some honey than we 
>with vinegar.
>Has anyone addressed the Rules of use the least power necessary to 

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