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Re: WISP3212 / TS-790A bug?

At 01:00 PM 8/2/1999 -0400, you wrote:

>Assuming no 790 serial control problem unique to the automated KCTT process,
>I am inclined to speculate (like the CMA terms?) that there is some
>text included in the driver uhf frequency tuning command(s) that switches
>active 790 uhf vfo to usb auto. The argument against that possibility is
>are a heap of folks that know more about this than I do and I did not read a 
>post referring to "my" problem. So......

I've used a Kenwood TS-790A with WISP32 for years and have not had the
problem that you describe.  Make sure that the KCT/T driver is configured
properly in WISP/SETUP with the correct baud rate, stop bits, etc.  There
is something strange about the Kenwood setup in this regard, 4800 baud and
2 stop bits???  I don't fuly remember.

Also, make sure the satellites are configured appropriately in WISP.  With
regard to FM, as I recall there are several choices, FM, FM-N, FM-W.  Seems
like I recall that only "FM" works, not the others.... experiment and see.

I don't think the problem is due to the RR.DLL or your rig.  There is a
SatDemo program that was supplied by Joe Holman with RR.DLL.  You can use
this to "manually" try different settings for the radio.  This may be a
good way to see where the problem lies.  If SatDemo works, then the problem
must be in the WISP setup.

Good luck!

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