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WISP3212 / TS-790A bug?

Relative to the "problem" documented below, I am using a P166, 64 megs of RAM, 
Win95, Kenwood TS-790A, KCTT, and Yaesu GS5400. My old 486DX100 system worked 
fine running an older version of WISP, with exactly the same equipment as above 
and, to the best of my knowledge, the same WISP configuration.

I downloaded WISP3212.exe from the AMSAT ftp site and installed it. It performs 
in the same fashion as the old version did, in the manner that I use it, with a 
KCTT for antenna and tuner tracking during analog operation, EXCEPT; with the 
first frequency tuning command process, after the band and mode switching has 
been completed, the uhf vfo in tx or rx changes to usb auto, everytime, 
regardless of the setting of the PreCommandPacing value in rr.ini.

The antenna tracking and tuning process for both rx and tx vfos continues in 
the correct manner except uhf is always in usb auto after the first frequency 
update after program initialization. Scheduling and priority functions of the 
program work well for my needs. I have configured the satellite setup menu to 
cover all analog satellites modes that I am aware of, I changed the KCTT i/o 
port, I played with all allowed station setup variables, I removed all traces 
(to the best of my knowledge) of the old and the newest versions of WISP, 
reinstalled the newest version, configured it and got exactly the same 
symptoms. I looked for problems in the command definitions? in rr.ini by 
comparing them to the TS790A manual; I noticed non (I am not a programming 

My 790 works fine, all modes, vhf and uhf,  when operated manually.
Assuming no 790 serial control problem unique to the automated KCTT process,
I am inclined to speculate (like the CMA terms?) that there is some "erroneous" 
text included in the driver uhf frequency tuning command(s) that switches the 
active 790 uhf vfo to usb auto. The argument against that possibility is there 
are a heap of folks that know more about this than I do and I did not read a 
post referring to "my" problem. So......

HEEEEELP!! please.

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