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RE: Let's get on the air!

On Mon, 02 Aug 1999 11:32:56 -0400, Bob Brandel <rbrandel@l-w-s.com> wrote:

> If the regulars who are hitting 
> AO-27 with that much power would acknowledge the true spirit of Ham Radio 

Bob.... it's been a few weeks since I was on AO-27, so I'll still consider
myself a regular. I do it with 5 watts and a whip antenna. I don't feel as
if I am keeping anyone else from getting on the bird. I really don't
appreciate being accused of not elmering because I *have*. I have given 2
talks over the past six months at local ham-clubs about easy sats. Just
because I am lacking equipment to work other birds, should in no way impact
how often I work AO-27. This thread has grown old and stale and I for one am
ready to move to a new subject. 

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