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Re: FM satellites (was: Re: SUNSAT OVER EUROPE)

Something else worth mentioning about the 10 meter downlink receiving:

I've used a lot of different rigs to listen to the Mode A  birds over the
years, and one
thing I bought a long time ago was an  AMECO  "PLF" preamp.  It really
helped some
of those old tube receivers on 10 meters!   Also the AMECO's will work up
to 6 meters,
and they DO HELP on 6.

There are two basic different kinds of AMECO preamps:

"PT" which is a preamp that has switching in it so you can use it with a
I don't know what kind of transistor this one has in it, but it works OK.

"PLF"  which is a receive ONLY preamp. No switching.  Has a 40673
transistor in it
and works very well, even on 6 meters.

One of the local guys told me he saw a "PT" at the swap meet today for

John, K6YK

On Sun, 1 Aug 1999 12:41:42 EDT K5OE@aol.com writes:
>> >can often be found at hamfests for dirt cheap.  HR2510's and 
>>  >for 10 meters are plentiful and reasonable.  There are many 
>Just a couple comments on the 10 meter rigs.... I've had both.  The 
>(all varieties are pretty similar) has a lousy receiver section, 
>when compared to the HTX-100.  If you are using a transverter, that 
>might not 
>make that much difference at 2 m or 70 cm, but for mode A downlink, I 
>recommend it, especially for the daytime passes.  See the QST 
>review in the members-only section.  
>The Uniden, however, has one big advantage:  it will transmit on LSB 
>out of 
>the box for mode J uplink.  If you want one rig for use with a 2 m 
>transverter (such as the TenTec 1210), then the  Uniden or a converted 
>CB may 
>a better choice.  
>My first couple of hundred mode J contacts were made using a 
>Hamtronics 70 cm 
>downconverter kit into an HTX-100 (which I already had) and TenTec 
>1210 kit 
>transverter for 2 meters fed from my FT-890.  For mode A, I would 
>connect the 
>TenTec to the HTX-100 and use the better receiver on the FT-890.  
>investment was under $200 to get both mode A and mode J capability.
>I had a SSB CB converted in the early 80's by the CB-to-10 outfit in 
> I still see their small ad in the back of QST occasionally.  That 
>mobile rig 
>is still working on 10 meters and the guy I sold it to won't sell it 
>back to 
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