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Re: FM satellites

I saw one of the HTX100's at the Livermore (Calif.) flea market today for
It looked pretty clean, too.

On Sat, 31 Jul 1999 21:41:54 -0500 "Gary \"Joe\" Mayfield"
<ka0yos@choicetech.net> writes:
>> <Snip>
>> >The HF end of it doesn't have to be expensive either.  Older HF 
>> >can often be found at hamfests for dirt cheap.  HR2510's and 
>> >for 10 meters are plentiful and reasonable.  There are many 
>> I must be going to the wrong hamfests.  I often see comments similar 
>> one above about all mode 2 meter rigs also.  I am a regular at the 
>> hamfest, and spent many hours in the flea market area of Dayton this 
>> The very best price I found recently on a Uniden 10 meter rig was 
>> the rig sold for new. 
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