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Re: AO16

At 12:23 PM 7/31/99 -0700, Rich wrote:
>Is AO16 working and what mode and freq is yt using at the moment

AO-16 is working fine, and it's using the 437.051 MHz downlink.  The S-band downlink is off due to power budget considerations.

As for "mode", AO-16 is always in the same mode. 1200bps PSK digital downlink, 1200bps Manchester-FM on the uplinks.

AO-16 has been running the Pacsat Broadcast Protocol filesystem software continuously for 1778 days (close to 5 years) without a reset or reload.

(Information on satellite status for the entire amateur fleet can always be found at http://www.amsat.org/amsat/news/ans.html#satrpt.)

73  -Paul

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