AMSAT-NA AMSAT.ORG Mail Alias Service

A mail alias on AMSAT.ORG permits people to send you email without knowing your actual Internet email address. They just need to know your amateur radio callsign. They address any message to your mail alias address,

Messages addressed that way are routed first to AMSAT's computer, located in Lansing, MI, USA. Our computer then remails each message to the "real" email address you provide. In most cases, this adds only a few seconds of delay.

You don't do anything special to get your messages. They are delivered to your regular email mailbox at the address you specify. When you check your regular mail, messages sent to your mail alias are there too. You don't need to reconfigure your email program at all.

Mail Alias Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) -- please read!

Use the Your Mail Alias form to:

Use the Mail Alias Lookup form to:

If the online forms won't do what you need, or if you have questions, first check the Mail Alias Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If that doesn't solve your problem, then send your request in plain English to, and a volunteer will respond (allow a few days). Be sure to include all the information about your request.

You don't have to be an AMSAT member to get a mail alias, but you are invited to Join AMSAT-NA or Make a Donation. Visit the AMSAT-NA home page to learn about other information and services we offer.

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